Drain Excavation and Repairs

At Sandy’s Plumbing, we have over 16 years of experience providing drainage repairs and excavations in Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe and surrounding areas.

A drain excavation is a last resort solution for severe drainage problems that requires safe monitoring and first-rate workmanship which our team can guarantee to every one of our clients.

Drain excavations are big, complex jobs, so it is important to choose an in-depth pre-excavation diagnosis survey prior to any work being carried out to ensure that an excavation is the only option for your drainage problem.

Our team of drainage specialists offer a comprehensive range of drainage services, including CCTV drainage surveys which can often determine whether an excavation is necessary.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your outdoor drains that require specialist attention, please get in touch with Sandy’s Plumbing today. Our friendly team will talk you through your drainage repair options.


When is Drain Excavation Necessary?

Drain excavation is only necessary when the problem is so severe and there is no other option available. Our team of drainage experts in Aylesbury will carry out a thorough survey before determining that an excavation is required to solve the problem.

Drain excavation is a complex procedure which involves physically digging a hole or trench to the outdoor drain in need of attention in order to fix the issue. With an excavation, there is a the possibility of damaging whatever is above the problem area, which is why it really is a last resort.

Severe drainage repairs may be necessary if your outdoor drain:

  • Has collapsed completely
  • Has developed multiple leaks
  • Is old and in poor condition
  • Blocked by tree roots

Our outdoor plumbers provide CCTV drainage surveys to help find the source of the problem, allowing them to offer the best-suited solution. If you’ve noticed a problem with your drains in Aylesbury, Milton Keynes or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Book a CCTV Drainage Survey Today

If you’ve noticed something wrong with your drains and believe you may need an excavation or large-scale drainage repair, please book a survey with Sandy’s Plumbing today.

Our drainage specialists operate across Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Please call 01296 481284, or leave us a message using our online contact form to let us know of the problem you’re facing.


Why Choose Us?

At Sandy’s Plumbing, we have over 20 years of experience in the plumbing trade, completing a range of plumbing services from fixing blocked drains to providing lead pipe replacement in Aylesbury and surrounding areas.

We use high quality equipment and our many years of expertise to provide an efficient service that you can rely on.

When providing your garden house utility service, our team will listen to your specific requirements, and work hard to complete your outhouse plumbing and ducting installation quickly and to the best standard.

To find out more about our Aylesbury plumbing services, please get in touch.

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Call Sandy’s Plumbing for your garden outhouse utility installation. Whether you require plumbing or electric for you garden house project, we provide a first-rate service that you can rely on.

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