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Whether you’re installing a new shed, summer house, or perhaps a garden office – whatever plans you have for you garden buildings call Sandy’s Plumbing.

We will work with your garden room builders, listen carefully to your requirements and install all the water feeds/ drainage and electric ducting you need to make your outhouse suit its purpose.

To get in touch about our garden buildings utility and ducting installation, please call 01296 481284.


What Our Service Includes

We provide plumbing and electric installation for a range of garden buildings. Our services cover Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, providing functional garden house features for a range of customers and purposes.

Sandy’s Plumbing can work with your garden builders to install the following:

  • Electrical ducting
  • Internet cable ducting.
  • Water mains pipes
  • Drainage pipes and pumps if necessary.

Whether you’re creating a separate garden office, an outdoor garden bar, or even a self-contained outhouse that functions as a small home, we are able to provide utility installation to allow it to function as it should, and ultimately provide the utmost level of comfort.


Why Choose Us?

At Sandy’s Plumbing, we have over 20 years of experience in the plumbing trade, completing a range of plumbing services from fixing blocked drains to providing lead pipe replacement in Aylesbury and surrounding areas.

We use high quality equipment and our many years of expertise to provide an efficient service that you can rely on.

When providing your garden building utility service, our team will listen to your specific requirements, and work hard to complete your outhouse plumbing and ducting installation quickly and to the best standard.

To find out more about our Aylesbury plumbing services, please get in touch.

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Call Sandy’s Plumbing for your garden buildings utility installation. Whether you require plumbing or electric for you garden house project, we provide a first-rate service that you can rely on.

Please call 01296 481284, or email to receive your quote.

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