Aylesbury water mains maintenance

Depending on the strength of the water leak in question and the damage caused we can repair or even fit brand new water pipes allowing the water to flow with better pressure, helping your home or business in Aylesbury. During the work we use trench-less technology to reach your water mains with limited disruption causing little disturbance to your home and completing all projects in rapid time.

Water pipe maintenance in Aylesbury


Your underground water pipe is the pipe that feeds clean water into your home. It’s the homeowners responsibility and if your home was built before 1970 in Aylesbury, you’re likely to have lead water pipes. The internal diameter of water pipes affects the water pressure in your home, the smaller the pipe’s diameter the stronger the pressure. Similarly, a leak in your pipe-work will also affect the water pressure. Often if you notice a drop in water pressure from your mains supply it is likely due to a leak in the pipe, which you will need to have fixed.

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What happens if I get a water leak?

If your pipe-work is old and in poor condition it will be prone to a water leak. A water leak can lead to problems such as flooding, low water pressure and ultimately, expensive water bills. Luckily the staff at Sandy’s Plumbing are all fully trained to deal with your water leak or burst pipe quickly and effectively.

Sandy’s Plumbing do not just specialise in water mains. We also specialise in blocked drains and other drainage issues. Please browse our website or contact us using our online contact form and we will endeavour to reply as fast as possible.

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